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Arkitex Newsdrive

Arkitex NewsDrive optimizes the output speed for your devices. It offers an uninterrupted flow of data to ensure faster throughput.

No matter how big or how small your newspaper output device is, there is a product in the Arkitex NewsDrive series that fits your needs exactly. Your choice depends on the number and the type of output devices of your newspaper company.

Do you use the Agfa TIFF workflow to drive devices? Then you want our NewsDrive. It’s reliable, reliable, fast and fits into your printing operation seamlessly. The NewsDrive X series goes beyond TIFF buffers and enables you to take full advantage of the fastest speeds your engine can handle. It integrate seamlessly with the full Arkitex suite of workflow automation products.

Do you use our Advantage N-M, N-SA of N-SL platesetters? Then NewsDrive N makes your engines even better. Multiple scan-folders allow you to prioritize different jobs. And you can easily make real-time text annotations or add multiple local printing marks.

Key benefits

  • Faster printing as a result of automation
  • Secure working thanks to output control
  • Easy integration with your output devices
  • Faster printing without any loss of reliability
  • Reduced turnaround time with greater capabilities


Arkitex NewsDrive X drives your imaging devices at their fastest speeds, increasing throughput capabilities and reducing turnaround time.

Maximum throughput

Arkitex NewsDrive X goes beyond TIFF buffers. It sends a steady stream of data to your imaging devices, providing the fastest plate possible with your existing equipment, and letting you get the best return on investment from your workflow.

Easy integration

Arkitex NewsDrive X uses MAXML standards to describe the structure of an edition and the work required to produce it. Its intuitive system also adapts to your current file naming system, making it easier for staff to learn and use.

Flexible system control

Within an Arkitex workflow, Arkitex NewsDrive X provides features for full-image processing, giving you total control of incoming pages.