Complete and robust offset printing solutions
for packaging and label printers

Offset printing plates

Offset Printing Plates

  • Thermal digital plates
  • Durable on press
  • Compatible with UV and metallic inks
  • Run lengths up to 1.5 mio copies

Ctp and processors and clean-out units

Computer-to-plate Systems

  • Thermal platesetters
  • Processors for heavy-duty requirements

workflow software solutions

Software Solutions

  • Workflow automation
  • Press standardization
  • Security design & authentication

pressroom products

Pressroom Supplies

  • Founts, gums and finishers
  • Plate care products
  • Rollers and blanket washes
  • Correction materials & cleaners


  • Contact, camera and recording films
  • Developers & fixers
  • Replenishers
  • Cleaning solutions

service and support


  • Educational programs
  • Consultancy
  • Financial support