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SPIR@L™ – A new quality standard in newspaper printing

With SPIR@L, Agfa’s new screening technology, the traditional ink dot used in offset printing is replaced with a more efficient shape, such as a spiral. The result is a crystal-clear image every time without effort.

SPIR@L is Agfa’s latest patented screening technology. Based on the fundaments of Sublima screening, it allows you to hold a 1-99% dot. The result is striking image quality with reduced image slur. It doesn’t break the bank either: SPIR@L requires zero expensive upgrades for your CTP or printing press.

ECO³SPIR@L is perfectly in line with Agfa’s ECO3 program for sustainable innovation, saving you ink during the printing process. In designing and creating solutions based on hardware, software and consumables, we focus on achieving three success factors: ecology, economy, and extra convenience (ECO³). The aim is to make your prepress and printing operations cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to manage and maintain. Our ultimate goal? To generate more value for your entire business!

Key benefits

  • Lower ink consumption and speed up drying
  • Achieve picture-perfect detail at any image size
  • Eliminate imperfections such as image slur
  • Increased printing speed
  • Compatible with both heat-set and cold-set printers


Save on ink

Thanks to the unique SPIR@L dot shape, less ink is required to fill in the exact same area. Next to saving ink, this speeds up drying.

Picture-perfect print quality

Get the highest image quality in the finest detail and the most vibrant colors, every time. With SPIR@L, you never have to compromise on quality.

Improved production speed

With SPIR@L, presses can run faster without spraying the ink. This improves productivity while significantly reducing both cost and energy consumption. SPIR@L sets a new speed standard in newspaper printing!

Print on thinner paper

SPIR@L offers better opacity than standard screening, which means readers experience less see-through or you can print on thinner paper.

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How it works

SPIR@L starts with a modified minimum ink dot, applied in a specific and patented spiral shape. Thanks to its smooth transition from positive to negative spirals and minimum white gap, the end result is always a high-quality image in vibrant colors. You can set up SPIR@L according to your preferences: different curves and groove area thicknesses can be selected depending on the press and paper used to achieve the high quality print at lowest possible cost.

See the difference SPIR@L makes

traditional screening
SPIR@L screening

Magnified image showing the difference between AM and SPIR@L screening

By replacing conventional dots with spiral shapes, the thickness of the ink layer is reduced. This leads to lower ink consumption and faster drying.